Business Plan: 10 Important Tips Before Starting New Business

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Here’s all that you should know about Business Plan in Start-ups

Starting up a new business is a big job. It is an exciting journey full of challenges which can completely change your life. When it comes to starting your own company first thing that comes to your mind is having a business plan.

Many questions come into the picture, whether there is a market for the desired plan? Do you need funds? Which source of funding will be best suitable? Whether your experience and research enough to start-up? These questions will help you determine whether if you should invest your valuable time and money in writing a start-up business plan.

Age is never a barrier to start up a new business. So, no matter what your age is you can start up your dream business by keeping in mind few points as mentioned below.


  1. Get Inspired:

    Get inspired to do what you want to achieve. Dreams don’t work unless we do. Inspiration is everywhere around, all you need is to articulate it in transforming your dreams into reality.  Inspire yourself by reading about the great business person, try to interpret their strategy and gather ideas for your business.  You may also join a business community to surround yourself with great thoughts and inspired people. Find a mentor to get an advice on your satiation.

  2. Have an Idea and be passionate about the same:

    It is almost impossible to grow up a business you are not passionate about. Starting a new business is not difficult but sustaining it is challenging. In tough times, it’s your passion and commitment to your goals that help you survive.

  3. Have a clear concept of your business:

    Before setting up a business having a clear concept of the same is always beneficial. It should include basic information as goods or service, targeted market or a unique selling technique that gives you an advantage over your competitors. A novel concept of your business will lead you to success.

  1. Define your business vision and mission:

    Define your business. Who you are? What you what to do? Where you what to go? Defining your business will give you a specific idea of where your business will be in coming years.

  1. Specify your goals:

    Specify your goals-short term and long term. A new business start-up must be backed with throughout research before framing the results of the expected outcome.

  1. Understand your customers:

    The success of any business depends on customers. Customer judgment about a business decides whether it will prosper or not. Once you are clear with your goals the next step is to find your customers. You can identify your customer by answering following questions.

    • Who are our customers?
    • What is their need?
    • What are the negative and positive perceptions that customers have about you, your profession and its products or services?
  1. Identify your competitors:

    You must identify your competitors and identify the uniqueness of your business that makes your business different. Questions to help you learn from your competition and focus on your customer:

    • Who are your major competitors?
    • What are the competitor’s weaknesses and strengths?
    • How can you improve over your competition’s approach?
  1. Consideration of Financial matters:

    Following questions come into consideration.

    • How will you get your business financed?
    • Which source of finance will be most appropriate?
    • Is cost benefit ratio appropriate?
    • Which areas need more investment?

    Along with these questions, you also need to assess your money-making capacity. You need to identify you finance needs to meet your business expenses along with having a profit margin over it.

  2. Having a strong business marketing strategy:

    A strong marketing strategy helps business to prosper. You can keep a track of following points while forming a strong business strategy.

    • Identify your target market.
    • Follow differentiation strategy.
    • Have a strategy not only to attract but also retain your customers.
  1. Periodical review of your overall business strategy.

    Make a periodical review of your overall business strategy. Form a SWOT analysis of your business to identify your internal strength and weaknesses and work out a strategy to deal with the same. Focus on your internal strength and weaknesses to grab on external opportunities and minimize the effect of external threats.


Plan your business today. It’s never too late to a great start.

“Determine what you want and why you want it. Once you understand what’s important, you can utilize your passion and achieve anything.”

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